Science and Expert Witness Development Our expertise and success is unsurpassed

A sound, data-driven, and well-framed science theory of the case, supported by credible and persuasive expert witness testimony, is vital at trial. It forms the core of many successful defenses, narrows the issues at trial, and limits—or, in appropriate circumstances, excludes—the opposing expert’s testimony.

Our expertise and success with scientific and expert aspects of litigation is unsurpassed. Goldman Ismail lawyers—four of whom also have medical degrees—routinely lead and complement expert witness and science teams in mass tort litigation. We have a unique ability to interpret, synthesize, and present complex scientific concepts and data, and develop winning science theories of the case. We take and defend key scientific fact and expert witness depositions, and cross and present those witnesses at trial. We educate co-counsel, judges, and juries on these matters, achieving decisive victories for our clients both at the Daubert stage and at trial.