Our Model

“They are very client-focused and very big picture-focused. They’re also committed to knowing the business and needs of the company.”

Chambers and Partners

A new era is emerging in the practice of law, one that favors experience and efficiency over the traditional law firm’s reliance on billable hours and associate leverage. As an energetic and technologically savvy firm, Goldman Ismail is proud to be in the forefront of that evolution.

Goldman Ismail offers a powerful service model to litigation clients – one that is centered around a team of experienced lawyers with complementary talents, a shared commitment to excellence, and a reputation for delivering results.

A Belief In The Big Picture

When it comes time to go to trial, we know what’s needed to win, but we’re also focused on turning those trial victories into complete resolutions. Our focus on the big picture frees us up to pursue creative discovery and pretrial strategies that can turn a winning theory of the case into a global settlement that delivers the right business results for our clients.

A New Model

We believe in leveraging one of our most powerful assets — our inverted partner-to-associate ratio — to ensure our clients receive active involvement from our most experienced attorneys. The result is a new model for practicing law centered on a team of seasoned lawyers sharing their talents in pursuit of a common commitment to excellence.

Moving beyond billable hours

At Goldman Ismail, we’ve always thought hourly billing is an outdated fee structure that creates incentives for firms to extend litigation rather than seek early and complete resolutions. Since our founding, our firm has exclusively used alternative fee agreements (AFAs) to ensure our interests and the interests of our clients are always aligned. While their structures can vary, AFAs typically involve a flat monthly fee that adjusts depending on the phase of litigation and may include an incentive option for a successful result.

A Focus On The Future

As the tech takeover of the courtroom continues, we continue to adapt how we work to stay ahead of the curve. With immediate access to documents, pleadings, video recordings, transcripts, exhibits and demonstratives, we harness the power of technology to give our clients the edge at every stage of litigation.