Intellectual Property Victory requires experienced trial lawyers

Intellectual property disputes often involve advanced technological and scientific concepts that lie at the heart of a company’s core offerings. But, success in intellectual property litigation requires more than lawyers with technical expertise or familiarity with scientific principles. Achieving victory in these matters requires experienced trial lawyers whose legal skills are matched by their ability to master complex issues and develop and present a clear and comprehensible technical case in court.

Our experience with technical subject matter enables us to skillfully and thoroughly prepare scientific experts and other key witnesses to testify at deposition and trial. This testimony is a key component in our case strategy, ensuring a persuasive presentation that distills complex information into compelling lay terms for both judge and jury.

Our attorneys have successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of intellectual property cases, particularly those involving patent infringement. The technology at issue has included pharmaceuticals, computer hard drives, closed-circuit TV, elevator belts, and radio frequency identification (RFID).

It is our goal to define and protect our clients’ intellectual property and our clients’ freedom to operate for maximum commercial benefit.