Goldman Ismail Files Lawsuit on Behalf of 3M to Fight COVID-19 Price-Gouging Scams

On April 28, 2020, Goldman Ismail filed a lawsuit on behalf of 3M against a medical supply company who targeted a government official in Wisconsin with a fraudulent offer to sell N95 respirators at grossly inflated prices. In an effort to combat this price-gouging and false claim of affiliation with 3M and to protect consumers in dire need of personal protective equipment, 3M enlisted Goldman Ismail to sue this purported medical supply company charging outrageously inflated prices for 3M N95 respiratory masks. The lawsuit concerns Defendant’s use of 3M’s famous trademarks to perpetrate a false and deceptive price-gouging scheme on unwitting customers and consumers, including the state of Wisconsin, during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Shayna Cook, Andrew Rima, and Betsy Farrington represent 3M. Press coverage is available here, here, and here