Goldman Ismail Participates in International Intellectual Property Conference for Ukrainian Attorneys

Goldman Ismail Tomaselli Brennan & Baum LLP is thrilled to welcome home associate Lesley Hamming! Lesley traveled with the U.S. Department of Commerce to Warsaw, Poland to attend a five-day conference that included Ukrainian attorneys and focused on intellectual property rights in eastern Europe and the U.S.  
The Department of Commerce’s Commercial Law Development Program (“CLDP”) facilitated the conference. CLDP works to strengthen the legal environment for U.S. businesses worldwide—particularly in developing and post-conflict countries—through commercial legal education, discussion, and reforms.  
More than 60 Ukrainian attorneys attended the conference, and attorneys from Poland, Ukraine, and the U.S. presented. Lesley Hamming gave a presentation on intellectual property dispute resolution (including in U.S. federal district courts, the U.S. Patent Office, arbitration, and mediation) and intellectual property issues faced by start-ups. Lesley’s presentation built on her intellectual property practice at Goldman Ismail, her technical expertise as a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering, and her certification as a USPTO-registered attorney. Goldman Ismail and Lesley are honored to be able to assist Ukraine in this unique way.