Goldman Ismail Joins Law Firm Antiracism Alliance

Goldman Ismail Tomaselli Brennan & Baum LLP is proud to announce it has joined the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (LFAA), a joint effort between Chicago’s Shriver Center on Poverty Law and 180 other firms at the time of this writing. The Shriver Center’s Racial Justice Institute has partnered with the Association of Pro Bono Counsel to form this Alliance and leverage resources, foster advocacy, and amplify the voices of those oppressed by systemic racism. In collaboration, this group has the potential to create deeper and more lasting change than any singular firm. Through large-scale, coordinated pro bono projects, both immediate and long-term, and in partnership with legal services organizations, the LFAA aims to use the law as a vehicle for the change needed to promote racial equity. Goldman Ismail is dedicated to providing the time, resources, and hard work needed to help eliminate structural racism and elevate the voices of people and communities of color.

Click here to read the LFAA Charter.