Our Model

A new era is emerging in the practice of law, one that favors experience and efficiency over the traditional law firm’s reliance on billable hours and associate leverage. As an energetic and technologically-savvy firm, Goldman Ismail is proud to be in the forefront of that evolution.

Goldman Ismail offers a powerful service model to litigation clients - one that is centered around a team of experienced lawyers with complementary talents, a shared commitment to excellence, and a reputation for delivering results.

Holistic Approach

No matter how focused we are on trial, we always have our eye on the big picture.

We know how to win the big cases. But we also understand that in many large cases, a few key trial victories are only the beginning, and that our client’s ultimate goal is to find a comprehensive solution for their complex business problem. With that in mind, we advise our clients on how to achieve complete resolution, from developing a winning theory of the case, leading expert witness teams, and achieving victory at trial, to designing a global settlement that offers finality and closure. Keys to this effort are the collaboration and synergy of partners with a deep working knowledge of each case.

Partner Leadership

Our partners have amassed an impressive wealth of trial experience, and it is that experience that drives the strategy and execution of each case from day one through the final verdict. Rather than delegating the majority of work to less experienced associates, we assemble litigation teams based on our partners’ unique skill sets, subject matter knowledge, and keen judgment. Their hands-on oversight and day-to-day involvement with the important aspects of the case ensure that we capitalize on every strategic opportunity, and deliver an optimal outcome for our clients.

Success-Based Fees

A firm that bills by the hour makes more money the longer a case goes on, a scenario that is completely at odds with the client’s desire for a speedy resolution. We use flexible, results-based fee arrangements that combine a flat monthly fee with a contingent component for a successful result. These arrangements provide budget certainty for clients and shift the focus from hours billed to efficiency and achievement.

Spotlight on Technology

One of the ways we achieve greater efficiency is through the use of innovative technology. All of our lawyers are experienced users of technology, and they leverage it to our clients'  advantage at every stage in litigation. Technology allows us to do more work in less time and to have immediate access to all of the documents, pleadings, video recordings, transcripts, exhibits and demonstratives in a case, whether we’re in the office, at a deposition, or in the courtroom.