Our attorneys are the driving force behind our success as a firm. Their razor sharp intellects, superb litigation skills, and fierce dedication to our clients’ interests have enabled us to achieve an impressive record of courtroom victories.

As we continue to build our thriving practice, we will look to hire individuals with personal and professional attributes that complement those of our existing staff and that ensure we uphold the professional standards that have become our trademark.


We are selective, choosing lawyers who have established a notable track record of academic achievement and who want early case responsibilities and varied professional opportunities. Because of the complex, high profile nature of our caseload, each litigation team member must develop the experience and judgment needed to make vital contributions to the strategic development and execution of each case.


We are collaborative and value individuals who excel as part of a litigation team. We work together toward a common purpose, each attorney bringing to the table his or her own unique skill set and talents. We assemble teams in which our attorneys’ strengths complement one another, so we can draw on a range of skills in achieving our shared goal: a speedy and favorable resolution for our client.


We look for individuals with the drive and determination to win at trial, and who are highly motivated to succeed. Our focus in litigation requires that we be relentless in our efforts to achieve success in the courtroom. We know how much is riding on each case, and we can leave no stone unturned in our quest for victory.

If you believe your skills and experience are a good match for our firm, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please contact Shayna S. Cook at or call her at 312.881.5947.