Michael J. Casner
Associate / Chicago

P: 312-881-5963
F: 312-380-7024

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With over a decade of experience as an emergency physician, Michael brings a unique background and set of skills to his legal practice. His education and experience in the healthcare field allow him to understand the complex medical and scientific principles that are essential to the defense of claims against pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. Michael's medical background has proved particularly helpful when working with experts, including identifying appropriate candidates, assisting with literature searches, reviewing written reports, and preparing expert witnesses for testifying. As an attorney, Michael has demonstrated skill in litigation, from drafting key dispositive motions to developing deposition strategy.

Michael has also actively pursued pro bono activities, including helping to secure equal treatment for a transgender high school student, assisting with the Chicago Federal Defenders Program, and representing a client seeking asylum. He also actively participates in the Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago's Lawyers in the Classroom program, teaching students in the Chicago Public School system about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.