• Oct 2020

    Whitney Woodward

    Whitney has represented clients at various stages of litigation in federal and state courts across the country, with a focus…

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  • Oct 2020

    Brian Karalunas

    Brian rejoined the firm after completing a federal clerkship in the Northern District of Illinois. He has experience in a…

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  • Nov 2019

    Sam Schoenburg

    Sam grew up in Springfield, Illinois, and joined the firm after completing a federal clerkship in the Northern District of…

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  • Oct 2019

    Shaun Zhang

    A registered patent attorney, Shaun focuses on litigating cases which often involve a range of complex technologies such as electrical…

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  • Oct 2019

    Doug Winnard

    Doug has a wealth of litigation experience in commercial litigation, products liability, and intellectual property. Doug has served as lead…

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  • Oct 2019

    Joe W. Tomaselli, Jr.

    “Joe Tomaselli is a terrific litigator who frequently represents major pharmaceutical and medical device clients in mass torts. Clients are quick to…

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  • Oct 2019

    Symone D. Shinton

    Symone has experience in each stage of the life of a lawsuit in a wide variety of subject matters spanning…

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  • Oct 2019

    Laura A. Sexton

    Laura has a range of experience representing major corporations in commercial litigation and products liability litigation. A talented and accomplished…

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  • Oct 2019

    Emma C. Ross

    Emma represents leading corporations in nationwide high-stakes litigation. With degrees in both law and medicine, Emma plays a key role…

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  • Oct 2019

    Andrew J. Rima

    Andrew is a trial and litigation lawyer who represents major corporations and individuals in sensitive, high-stakes matters that are disputed…

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  • Oct 2019

    Michael T. Pieja

    Mike is a litigator focusing on cases involving complex technologies, with experience spanning a range of technical areas and jurisdictions….

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  • Oct 2019

    Brian P. O’Donoghue

    Highlights of Brian’s litigation practice include high-profile cases in products liability, intellectual property, complex commercial litigation, and securities litigation. He…

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