Success-Based Fee Arrangements

“One of the things that truly distinguishes this team is that it has long been a proponent of alternative fee arrangements. The lawyers are creative and sensitive to our needs, so we are able to negotiate a deal that is really focused on value."
Chambers USA

Goldman Ismail believes that the highly leveraged, traditional law firm model of billing by the hour creates conflicting incentives between a client and its lawyers. Clients want to resolve their business problems quickly and efficiently, but that scenario is not necessarily in the best interests of lawyers who charge for their time.

We believe that by sharing risk with the client and tying a portion of our compensation to whether we win or lose the case, our interests and the client’s interests are always aligned.

That’s why we follow a results-based fee structure that combines a reasonable flat monthly fee with a contingent component for a successful result. A fee arrangement that rewards efficiency and outcome, rather than hours worked, benefits both client and attorney, and it increases the likelihood of success.